Jennifer’s Blog: A Workshop in the Woods

It is a warm day in June.  We pack all of our stuff for camping, a sleeping bag and the requisite munchies for our journey.  The yellow school bus picks us up and heads off to the camp about 40 minutes out of Kingston.  Meeting each other, we get a bit rowdy and laugh throughout
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Me enjoying the view from Arthur's Seat

Michelle’s Blog: Tips for solo travelling

As I mentioned in my last post, I embarked on a solo adventure to Edinburgh at the end of May. Overall, it was an amazing trip and enabled me to pick up a few tips about solo travelling: 1. Take lots of pictures – By constantly snapping pictures as I wandered through the city I
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Playing the part on the Viking Tour

Michelle’s Blog: Seeing more of Ireland

In March, I was visited by one of my friends for two weeks. Having a visitor gave me the opportunity to travel to some of the spots in Ireland that I haven’t had a chance to visit yet.These experiences included some sights around Dublin, such as the viking tour where we experienced Dublin by land
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