Museum Africa, Johannesburg. Taken from

James Barry/Margaret Bulkley

Dr. James Miranda Stuart Barry was born in Cork, Ireland in 1789 as Margaret Ann Bulkley. In a time where very few career paths were open to women, Barry devised a plan to get into medicine. Dressing as a man and taking on the name of her uncle, she attended the University of Edinburgh Medical
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Popcorn Elevator

What you will need: A beaker, or a clear glass Water Popcorn kernels Half a cup of white vinegar A tablespoon of baking soda Optional: Alka Seltzer   What you will do:   Place your beaker or glass onto a flat surface (like a table). Make sure to clear away any surrounding objects, this may
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Wm. Notman & Son., McCord Museum. Taken from

Canadian Women Scientists in History – Maude Abbott

  Dr. Maude Seymour Elizabeth Abbott was among one of the first Canadian women to receive a higher education. She had wanted to study medicine at McGill but was forced to settle for Bishop’s University as she lived in a time where society was only just beginning to accept women who wanted to practice medicine.
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