Irish football

Michelle’s Blog: Another taste of Ireland

In my final months living in Ireland, I have been trying to maximize on my Irish cultural experiences. One element of Ireland I felt I had yet to experience was the world of Irish sporting matches. So on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I ventured out with some friends to the sports stadium to watch a
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Coming Soon: Celebrating Women in Math

As we bid adieu to another great, adventure-filled summer, we prepare for a great upcoming academic year. Not to fret, the ending of this month will be met with the beginning of a new and exciting campaign that we look forward to launching and sharing with you all. This coming September we will be featuring
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Jennifer’s Blog: A Workshop in the Woods

It is a warm day in June.  We pack all of our stuff for camping, a sleeping bag and the requisite munchies for our journey.  The yellow school bus picks us up and heads off to the camp about 40 minutes out of Kingston.  Meeting each other, we get a bit rowdy and laugh throughout
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