Hydro One Women in Engineering Scholarship

As part of celebrating Go ENG Girl’s 10th Anniversary, Hydro One has just announced the establishment of The Hydro One Women in Engineering Scholarship.  Fifteen outstanding young females pursuing an undergraduate engineering degree will receive a $5,000 financial reward along with an opportunity to work for Hydro One in a paid developmental work placement.  All applicants must be: • Canadian citizens
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Is Social Media Software Gender-Neutral?

By Rena Bivens, Banting Fellow in the School of Journalism and Communication at Carleton University.  Rena was a participant and panelist during our September 11th-12th two-day workshop: Creating the Memories and Celebrating the Legacy of the Bold and the Brave: Building the Archives of Women Scientists and Engineers in Canada. This blog posting that discussed her presentation was initially published on
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Jennifer’s Blog: Locating Women’s History in Computer Science in Canada

This week I have delved into what will become the topic for my dissertation. It has been exciting but also disappointing at what I have found so far. Feminist historical interpretations of computer science has a recent, but robust collection of literature citing innovations and contributions made throughout the United States and Europe. Canada’s own
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