What Does the Devil Want?

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What Does the Devil Want? August 27th, 66 From the Scriptures we know that the devil has a plan. He is up to something. He is very active. He is very persistent. He is very thoughtful and he invests in the future as well as the present. He has a team and they work together against the Lord and those who love Jesus. The devil is real, and if you ever doubted that in the past, when you look at the condition the world is in right now, I bet your doubts have subsided. So what, exactly, does the devil want?

The contrast could hardly be sharper. Although wait, you say, what if my conviction is from God? Sure, infrequently we need a Martin Luther en route for nail 95 theses to the access. But most of us are not Martin Luther. Sometimes love is arduous, but love never ends tough. Conceit Arrogance can creep in so by a long chalk among church leaders. The most arduous test of character is not bankruptcy. As a result, leaders of budding churches and ministries almost always allow a daily fight with arrogance. All time.

Although perhaps this is the problem. Does Satan accept your soul through Amazon delivery, or must it be done in person? Do you need a written contract, or is it a sufficient amount to shake hand-with-hoof? How to advertise your soul Why does the evil spirit want you soul? First of altogether, why does Lucifer, Satan or a few devil, want your soul? What would a demon gain from obtaining your soul? Another version is that God and Satan are in the centre of a fierce good vs. They are more like seducers, approaching ancestor at their weakest and offer abrupt solutions for hard problems, at the cost of morality and sense of self.