What to Wear to Work From Women Who Have It Figured Out

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You want to wear something that shows people how awesome you are at your job without actually taking the focus off your work. Those sound like tall orders, but building or rebuilding a functional work wardrobe that you love is completely within the realm of possibility. In fact, it might actually be easier than you think. If Your Dress Code Is Conservative In high-powered fields like law, business, and finance, professionalism is obviously still the name of the game. Usually, that means suits and separates in classic colors and shapes. Skirt and pant suits are both acceptable, just make sure the fit is impeccable. Buy one that you can tell is built well instead of making money the deciding factor — especially if you also wear the pieces separately. Black, navy, or wine-colored sheath dresses are easy, one-and-done outfits that you can wear year-round. Find them, along with blazers, pencil skirts, and dress pants, at places like J.

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