7 signs your friend is in love with you

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Dating would be so much easier but you could tell whether someone was interested in you romantically right bad the bat. Just think of how much time and energy you'd be saving on someone who sees you as just a friend. It's altogether in the eyes. Out of altogether the signs that point to whether someone likes you or not, a person's body lanuage and non-verbal cues can be very telling.

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Medically Reviewed By: Lauren Guilbeault. Another chance is that you met someone a moment ago and wondered if they like you as more than a friend. Erstwhile times, you want to know but someone likes you before you accomplish a move or take things accelerate. It could be an office chum or a male friend you a moment ago started getting close to. Maybe you like him and are interested all the rage dating him, but you are doubtful if the feeling is mutual. Air out for these signs; he likes you as more than a acquaintance to be sure to know anywhere the relationship and friendship are banner.

En route for be blunt: yes, if you allow inquired and someone indicates that they do not have a romantic activity in you, you should probably abide by that decision. Not to say this is easy! Giving up on a big cheese you like can be difficult, at the same time as you try to control your accept emotions while remembering that it is not okay to pressure or annoy someone. That's okay. She has the right to make that decision. So as to doesn't mean that you have en route for stop being friends, as long at the same time as your romantic actions haven't made the other person upset or scared. It's probably not just you. She capacity have a dozen reasons, such at the same time as she's not interested in a affiliation right now, she's not attracted en route for people of your gender, she's focusing on her career or education, before she has friendlier feelings for you, etc. Or maybe it is you.