Targeting Targeted Individuals

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These methods and more are part of a vast plot to exert mind control over and torture the entire population, these folks claim. According to the self-proclaimed victims, they are followed in public by street actors and flash mobs who are hired by shadowy government agencies and private contractors. Their tormentors follow, mock, and harass them, often recording the bullying with cellphones. The victims say that federal- and state-based data-gathering fusion centers, government agencies at all levels, an international crime syndicate, mega-corporations, military contractors, local police, and even citizen neighborhood watch groups are all in on it. Who are these people who believe they are trapped inside an elaborate and vicious harassment program known as gangstalking or organized criminal stalking? They call themselves targeted individuals, and I tracked down some of them to hear their stories. This is not just a local phenomenon, by the way.

November 23, at am have been big business with discruntaled gov. Everywhere I went AT-T was there with there meta data apps tracking me. Oh this is just the beginning of my torment. This went on for months with them. Then Charter Cable. After that direct TV.

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