16 Big Reasons Why Some Girls Like Bad Boys

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He uses my guilt to trick me into doing his work. For three weeks! Want to Read. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The good girl, with perfect grades, the child every mother wants to allow. Ignoring Billy — and his continual, lingering stare — became an addiction. The mall is a bit busy, and more people will come at the same time as the night falls. This is altered. Her touch. But this… Her hand on his is something new.

Karen R. There are two main reasons that good girls go for abysmal boys. The first can be seen through a lens of evolution. All the rage terms of our evolutionary purpose, en route for procreate and ensure the survival of the human race, it makes a few sense. A child of parents who were both do-gooders and always careful to others? Remember, evolution is altogether about beating the odds. In this case, the latter child would be more likely to survive whatever threats came their way. It would appear natural. Moreover, suppose you modeled by hand after Mom and were nice akin to she was, and Dad treated you as poorly he did her.