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With the looming knowledge that the world is in the middle of a global pandemic, life can feel more stressful now than ever before. It can be hugely taxing on the mind and body to think about the impacts of COVID and social distancing, not to mention that all of life's usual stressors from work to grocery shopping to taking care of the kids are still present as well. It can feel like too much to handle, and it's hard to get out of a rut when you're used to being stuck in this huge ball of stress. But de-stressing and finding ways to relax is really important, especially since stress is known to weaken the immune systemand if you get sick that certainly won't help the matter. Next time you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, try one of these ways to relax that, with a little bit of practice, can boost your well-being practically anywhere, anytime.

Alarm disorder is a type of angst disorder. It causes panic attacks, which are sudden feelings of terror after there is no real danger. You may feel as if you are losing control. You may also allow physical symptoms, such as:.

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