As more Latino kids speak only English parents worry about chatting with grandma

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Print Like many first-generation Mexican immigrants, Juan Rivera grew up in a home where the family communicated exclusively in Spanish. So when he had his own children, it was important that his home be bilingual. But soon the children reverted to speaking just English, and the notes vanished. More Latinos are growing up in households where only English is spoken. Overall English proficiency is on the rise and a declining share of Latinos of all ages are speaking Spanish at home, the study found. The findings reflect the significant decline in immigration from Latin America in recent years, which has reduced the number of first-generation families. It also shows that Latinos are repeating a well-traveled path of assimilation embraced by other immigrant groups such as Italians and Germans. Still, the movement runs counter to some of the fears critics often express about the huge amount of immigration — both legal and illegal — into the U.

Carry Natalia Meneses was shopping at a Walmart in Georgia this year after her 3-year-old daughter began a banter that triggered an ugly experience. The little girl did not blurt absent a profanity or otherwise say everything inappropriate. Spanish, the first European dialect to take root in North America, has established itself as perhaps the most relentlessly polarizing language in the United States. Two decades ago it sparked an emotional debate in California about banning bilingual education, a area that divided even Latino families. All through heavy immigration into California and erstwhile border states, Spanish was the dialect of choice in whole neigborhoods. At once, the presidency of Donald Trump has reignited the linguistic divide. In this environment, two recent incidents seared themselves into the long tradition of ancestor being berated for speaking Spanish, although also illustrating the power of capture and social media to launch a counterattack.

It offers insight into the history of slang expressions. Additionally, there are tips for how to use each slangy word or phrase. This is a useful guide for anyone who plans to spend some time in Mexico, perhaps on an extended visit. The option to stay with Mexican families to immerse in the language is a great way to learn a propos culture—including slang!