37 Truly Mind-Blowing Lesbian Sex Positions

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After the thousandth time, missionary position may no longer cut it for you and your partner. The same might go for doggy style and its many variations. This doesn't necessarily mean your sex drives are waning, or that you and your partner need to call it quits. It could just be that you need to switch things up! Yes, even, sex gets boring after a while if you keep having it the same exact way.

This article originally appeared on AlterNet. Defining sex is easy, but having it is slightly more complicated — explicitly, because there are a lot of different ways to get it arrange. But is there a crowd favorite out there? According to Dr. Ed, there is. Ed found that add people prefer doggy style to a few other position.

It's no secret that guys always absence to do it doggy style. Allow you ever had sex with a guy? He's probably either flipped you over, asked you to flip above, or awkwardly attempted to flip you over while you try to mange your limbs. But why? Why accomplish guys feel so compelled to attempt through all that when vanilla disciple is perfectly serviceable? It's simple: Guys see it as the perfect arrange. If a guy were making a doggy style pros and cons catalogue, the cons column would be absolute. It's good for guys' backs perhaps. It's relatively safe.

Cory Stieg. There's a reason why accordingly many species like doing it doggy style : It requires little en route for no flexibility, so it's fairly at ease to get into. Some humans akin to doggy style because it allows your partner to penetrate deeply. That's not always a good thing, though, after that if they go too deep, it can feel like they're rearranging your organs up in there. Or, by the very least, it can ache.