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Ever notice how some couples just seem to glow when they're together? They lean in close, careful not to miss a word. They playfully nudge each other and exchange flirty glances. The buzz between them is almost palpable. It's simple: They find easy ways to keep things exciting.

A lot of women covet high heels from brands like Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, before Manolo Blahnik and willingly shell absent big bucks to acquire them designed for the sake of fashion. Some men covet high heels, too, but designed for an entirely different reason: they allow a high heel fetish and are sexually aroused by the people who wear them — and sometimes constant the shoes themselves. A fetish is a type of sexual desire so as to is connected to a specific article of clothing, object, or part of the body, and altocalciphilia is the formal term used to describe a fetish for high-heeled shoes. Altocalciphiles, at the same time as they are known, are people who have sexual urges, fantasies, and preferences involving high heels. Just looking by a pair of high heels can sexually excite a person with this type of fetish and touching the shoes may result in further awakening.

A partner of. Have an obsession along with sky-high sexy shoes? Obsession with enormous heels is on the rise, after that the love of all things blade has spawned a type of sexual fetishism called a high heel craze. In fact, having a fetish designed for high heels is actually a ace common type of sexual fantasy. A high heel fetish is a aspect type of shoe fetish in which a person has an erotic activity in high heels and can accomplish arousal and maybe even sexual agreement from the shoes. A person along with a high heel fetish may be subject to one or more of the following:.