8 secrets to a good night's sleep

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Tired of feeling tired? Here are some simple tips to help you get to sleep. After a night spent tossing and turning, you wake up feeling like a couple of the Seven Dwarves: sleepy…and grumpy. Restless nights and weary mornings can become more frequent as we get older and our sleep patterns change.

Consider A regular meditation practice can advantage you relax physically and mentally. Focusing your awareness and sitting mindfully along with your thoughts gives your body a chance to rest and relax. They cue your body to slow along at the same time. Meditation be able to also help reduce behaviors that adhere to you up, like cycling through apprehensive thoughts. Try these tips to accomplish it a habit any time of day. Put on some calming composition Playing soft, soothing music as you prepare for bed can trigger the release of hormones that help advance your mood. Feeling emotionally at amity can help your body feel calmer, too. While music may help you fall asleep faster and get advance sleep, make sure you stick along with calming tunes.