90.9% Of Women Like Receiving Oral Sex [1058 Woman Study]

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Unlike men, not every woman is jumping at the opportunity to get oral sex. While many love it, there are those of us who don't enjoy receiving oral sex. Cunnilingus is one of the most intimate of sex acts. For a lot of women, there needs to be a level of trust and comfort for them to acquiesce to oral. Of course, there are those who totally embrace getting their clit licked and sucked during a casual hookup. Your vagina smellsand sadly many women think that their vaginas smell bad. Hold the effing phone, because that is wrong, oh so wrong!

We were curious about these oral femininity myths and decided to take matters into our own hands the finest way we know how — surveying a group of real men. A lot of of their responses were shocking. But you want more details about their reasons why, below are three questions we asked the guys about benevolent oral and the responses they gave. I am totally turned on after going down on a woman.

Around is zero chance your vagina smells weird. If you took a bathe within the last 24 hours, you probably smell awesome. Do you aroma like fresh-cut roses? No, but neither do penises. And if something does smell kind of weird, you should probably see a doctor, so it's good to know if that's the case. You don't have to a minute ago lie there terrified of making individual false move. It's OK to action your body if you feel akin to it. It's not surgery.