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When a woman conceives naturally, sperm travel from the vagina through the cervix narrow, lower part of the wombinto the uterus womband up into one of the fallopian tubes. If sperm arrive in a tube soon after the release of the egg from the ovary ovulation ; the sperm and egg can meet and unite fertilization in the tube. The cervix naturally limits the number of sperm that enter the uterus. This means that only a small percentage of the sperm in the ejaculate actually make their way into the fallopian tubes. This makes the passage to the fallopian tubes much shorter, and there is a better chance that more sperm will encounter the egg. There are many reasons why couples experience difficulty getting pregnant. IUI may be useful for some of them. The most common use for IUI is when no cause for the infertility is found.

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A few people may wish to remove semen from the vagina after sex, also for hygienic reasons or to aim to prevent pregnancy. However, once semen enters the cervix through the vaginal canal, there is no scientifically confirmed way to remove it. There are a few ways to clean the vagina and the areas around it safely. However, if someone wishes en route for avoid becoming pregnant, they should ask for appropriate medical advice.