50 Unique Gift Ideas for Women Who Have Everything

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Constant if you and your girlfriend are not big gift givers, the holidays are a great time to act each other how thoughtful you are. But that's easier said than done, right? Holiday shopping for your girlfriend is hard, especially now that there's only a month left. You absence to get her something she bidding actually love and use—you know, the kind of gift that doesn't call for a gift receipt? Whether she prefers spending time in the great al fresco camping and chilling by the deep-sea, splurging on the latest makeup launches, listening to music, hitting the aerobics studio, or investing in trendy clothes after that accessories, there's bound to be a gift on this list your girlfriend had no idea she truly basic in her life.

Around are some middle-of-the road practical ability ideas you may be tempted en route for buy in this category, but accede to us steer you away from a few of the more obvious ones: Socks and plain chargers are practical choices but not the best gifts before stocking stuffers. Candles, coffee mugs, after that hand-soap sets can be so meh they might end up in a donation box or stuffed in a cupboard. To help you deviate as of anything boring or expected, we scoured retailers like AmazonEtsy, Uncommon Goods, Affect, and Nordstrom to round up essentially useful gifts that still feel distinctive and surprising enough to give anytime or on special holidays, from time-savers to space savers to travellaundryhome advance, beauty gadgets, and accessories. All products featured on SELF are independently certain by our editors. If you accept something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. But, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Not only does the nonslip device keep their belongings as of touching the dirty floor, it be able to easily double as a hook en route for latch an umbrella onto a attache case or a bracelet. We recommend these reusable silicone Stasher bags to a person who ends up with half an onion or a few extra carrots left over. This classic tortoiseshell face-mask chain —available on Etsy—doubles as a necklace or sunglasses holder, if they swap the claw closure for adaptable loops.