Ten Classic Drinking Songs Recorded By Women

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I love drinking. I love women. I love music. And I love making lists, preferably while drinking with women and listening to music. A mere nine of the hundred are sung by women. Why is it that songs about drinking are generally sung by men? Tuxedo-wearing lushes like Sinatra and Dean Martin made over-imbibing somehow charming, even sexy. What the ladies lack in quantity, they make up in quality.

A night out with RiRi sounds great! Exactly what Brass Monkey is, is up for debate. All the songs dream about leaving Manchester and administration away to the sunshine with a pint in hand. Limited quantities available! We can interpret the song at the same time as being about a man who gets seduced by a woman after consumption copious amounts of wine with her. She takes his silver spurs, a dollar and a dime after they sleep together. After all of their fun songs, The Kinks decided en route for remind us of the perils of alcohol ….