30 songs about school: Alice Cooper Ramones Taylor Swift The Beatles

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Ed Masley The Arizona Republic Now so as to the kids are back to discipline in some form or anotherhere's a playlist of 30 classics devoted en route for school days, as Chuck Berry deposit it on a timeless single. You could say Berry's song was a textbook example of this type of song, in fact — if you're the type of person who would say that sort of thing. Anything your relationship with school is, chances are you'll hear some of your own experiences in at least a handful of these songs, from the Beach Boys' celebration of school apparition to Taylor Swift recalling how her first day as a high discipline freshman felt. Alice Cooper, 'School's Out' Cooper's greatest hit sets the air with a punkish guitar riff at the same time as memorable as anything the kids had heard since I'm Eighteen, following School's out for summer with School's absent forever because, as the singer reveals in a textbook example of aware your audience, School's been blown en route for pieces.

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