Psst! Let’s Talk about Female Sexual Health

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Some suffer indefinitely, but women still struggle to discuss it with their doctor. This starts by addressing some of the key questions women often have. Most people associate them only with menopausewhich officially starts once you go a year without a period. But Dr. Sabir notes that women can experience sexual issues at any age. Women who are distressed by sexual issues for over six months are generally diagnosed with female sexual dysfunction. According to Dr. They can suffer from four types of female sexual dysfunction:. Next, your doctor will take a comprehensive medical history that includes questions about your sexual past and present.

Akin to women themselves, female sexuality is byzantine. Admittedly, men have it easier than women. For men, sexual issues are easy to spot. Admittedly, men allow it easy. For men, a sexual problem is easy to spot.

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a Live Chat on Facebook capture at the bottom of this post! Becky Lynn. Louis, MO. Lynn is also a Certified Sexual Counselor after that offers relationship counseling in her custom. Our goal is to help you understand why you might be having a diminished sexual desire and allocate you some options for treatment. Around are so many things that be able to hinder your relationship with your affiliate in the bedroom. Things like affiliation issues, chronic illness, stress, hormones, before lack of communication can affect your sex life. More importantly, these fluid issues can cause problems in your relationship and eventually within your ancestor.