5 things to consider before going blonde

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Our favorite celebrities have caught on, and we've been seeing it all over the red carpet and in paparazzi shots, too. We're not going to lie—we're really loving it. The trend is ash-blonde hair, and we have a strong hunch it's here to stay. All hair color falls on a spectrum—on one end you have warm, on the other, you have ash, with neutral falling in the middle. Not to deter you, but something to keep in mind with ash-blonde is that if it's not done properly, the cool shade can wash you out completely.

In a row regarding the differences between the two is scant online! But remember: A color like this requires maintenance afterwards you leave the salon chair, accordingly read on before you dial ahead your colorist. Ahead, 25 of our favorite ways to wear the ashen blonde hair trend. The best approach to achieve the look is by double process your colorist will blanch your hair first to remove colour from the hair, then add colour to give you the desired block in and dimension. Of course, you should leave the coloring to the pros—but a sleek, easy-to-style bob will accomplish everyday styling a breeze. The bright-white hue is finished off with charming, blunt ends for a spectacular buff product. We approve.

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