Come A Little Closer lyrics

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Working at the jazz-format campus radio station, we'd just been handed a new Etta James album called Seven Year Itch new at that time, and had featured a few cuts on the air. All this led me to check out what else we might have on Etta in the record library from earlier years and yes, Virginia, in those days it really was full of old-school LP's I'm sure this was long before any of the CD reissues now available. Unlike other online reviewers I've been reading about here on Amazon and elsewhere, I was drawn first to the St. The opening to St.

Allocate on Twitter Open share drawer The multi-instrumentalist and vocalist David Levesque has described his sound as Mickey Mouse tribal. Now the guy's from Orlando, so perhaps he doesn't realize so as to most people have taken their parties indoors at this point. Shame, also, since this thing is not barely the kind of affably stoned arid goods that could take a barbecue's chumminess to the next level, it's pretty much exactly the kind of guest you'd want there, too: He brings nothing but the most aloofness vinyl; if he doesn't have everything nice to say, he doesn't about it; he doesn't try too arduous to impress his will on others; and he leaves before he wears out his welcome. We can accede these are all fantastic qualities all the rage a vacuum, but do they accomplish for great art? That's where the admittedly ample charms of Look a Little Closer are subject to argue.