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The song was a huge part of '80s culture. It became an anthem for female attitude and set fashion trends as the video showed Lauper wearing bright, outrageous clothes that looked like they came from a thrift store they often did. It set the stage for artists like Madonna: independent women wearing cheap, yet fashionable clothes with a taste for garish accessories. Lauper co-wrote many of her own songs, but not this one.

Analysis The early-to-mids gave birth to the rise of a new youth background, an unabashed day-glo celebration that followed the doldrums of the late s. Of the many new phenomena so as to emerged in that time, two acronyms, in particular, made a splash designed for their loud appeal to a additional generation of young people: MTV after that the WWE. Both music videos after that modern American professional wrestling had existed for decades, but MTV and the WWE revolutionized both of them, attractive them to the masses with a colorful flourish on cable TV. Her record label saw the potential bullion in the continued crossover and MTV agreed to air a WWE distinctive that centered on the new challenge, which was a giant coup designed for the burgeoning wrestling promotion. Wolff began appearing on WWE broadcasts as able-bodied, filling in for Lauper and accomplishment his own storyline as a adversary to Albano. MTV went all-out en route for promote the event, which included 11 matches but only one that aired on TV. More importantly, it was a massive success, earning a 9. Obviously, all sides wanted more, accordingly they had to evolve the account. They became fictional friends as able-bodied as real ones, and all seemed hunky-dory until Piper, who had hold in reserve his own rivalry with Lauper available, crashed the ceremony and began defeat down on both Albano and Lauper.

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