25 White Blonde Hair Color Ideas That Look Vibrant in Any Light

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Information regarding the differences between the two is scant online! But remember: A color like this requires maintenance after you leave the salon chair, so read on before you dial up your colorist. Ahead, 25 of our favorite ways to wear the white blonde hair trend. The best way to achieve the look is via double process your colorist will bleach your hair first to remove pigment from the hair, then add pigment to give you the desired shade and dimension. Of course, you should leave the coloring to the pros—but a sleek, easy-to-style bob will make everyday styling a breeze. The bright-white hue is finished off with smooth, blunt ends for a spectacular finished product. We approve. This blend looks stunning on naturally curly hair, and as an added bonus, the shade variation works well for when your roots are showing in between color appointments. Even though platinum and white blonde hair can take several sessions with a colorist to perfect including bleaching and toningit's possible for the result to be so soft that you'd never be able to tell—your colorist should use treatments during the process like hair professional-favorite Wella hair creamand you can also maintain the health of your locks with frequent deep conditioning masks.

By first glance, the silver-blonde hair craze would seem to be best designed for those in the really good by color maintenance camp. But that's not the case at all, as confirmed by the inspo we rounded ahead below. You can always start as a result of swapping out your usual warm caramel and gold balayage tones for a bite a little cooler and icier. It differs from platinum in that platinum keeps to a pure white air, while silver-blonde will have a back off tone to it, appearing slightly darker, Tressa Yunchuk at Kharma Salons tells us.

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