27 Orally Obsessed Women Share Exactly Why They Find Giving Blowjobs Soooo Hot

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What gives? My friend Dave had been spoiled by a long-term relationship with a super horny hottie, so he was a bit surprised wading into the world of casual encounters. A couple women showed no interest in things I think are very basic, like sucking dick. Personally, I love the powerful feeling of turning on a man when his cock is in my mouth, and I love sharing as many kinds of pleasure with a man as he shares with me. In casual encounters, things can be about getting off efficiently or about novelty, not everyday basics. She might assume you want her pussy more than you want her mouth. Read: 5 Ways to Get More Blowjobs. Wash your body with soap and warm water. Read: Grooming Tips from a Natural Woman.

Designed for me, I just love making a guy squirm, seeing the faces he makes, and hearing the things he says. I get no real animal pleasure from doing it, but the experience is so rewarding. I adoration it. All of that just makes it SO worth it. I by no means thought I would like giving advance, but I love love love it. I love the noises they accomplish and how their legs shake after that swallowing. I start slowly sucking await the tip of my tongue reaches your tip and I then accomplish a swirling motion then spit arrange your cock to make it wetter and wetter. I then start sucking going from slow to fast motions going deeper and deeper..

Thanks for checking out my blog! I write sometimes confessional, always sex-positive posts about sex, relationships, and porn. My attitude about blowjobs has evolved above the years, and my technique has changed along with it. When I first started giving head, I was nervous as hell. But my boyfriend kept insisting on it, so I eventually decided to suck it ahead, part my lips, and put his cock between them. What I gave him was the bare minimum of what could qualify as a blowjob. I softly wrapped my lips about his erection and bobbed my advance up and down. I used my hand, but only to keep his dick in place.