12 Reasons Women Seeking Men With A Good Stable Job Don’t Mean She’s A Gold-Digger

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By Jake Eagle on April 24, in Relationships Woman traveling by boat at sunset among the islands. Ironically, if they are successful, they end up in a relationship in which they have to keep working hard. How to find a good man—or partner—requires three things: Being the kind of person you want to attract Showing up fully and not holding yourself back Yes, intolerance! Think of it like this, there are three stages to romantic relationships: dating, relating, and mating mating being the equivalent of marriage. These efforts may be appropriate once you get to the mating stage, but they are not appropriate in the dating stage. The dating stage should be easy. The second key to attracting a good man—or partner—is to be the person you want to attract.

Abandon 0 A woman who wants a financially secure man is not automatically a gold-digger. The definition of a gold-digger is essentially a prostitute. But it were, she could probably achieve richer. Shutterstock 1. He has en route for prioritize his life goals. First comes a career, then marriage, and after that maybe babies. Part of marriage is having a financial partnership and men are designated through normative gender-roles en route for be the primary bread-winner. These collective pressures create a heavy feeling of responsibility for men to be adept to take care of their female, especially if push comes to chuck and things get rough. Also, not being able to afford a air will definitely post-pone getting a air.

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