Brennan Julia - I'm Not Her Lyrics

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Who cares if you're not perfect?? Everything happens for a reason. Got curly messed up hair, ugly smile, to skinny, to clingy, annoying, boring, and not enough for anyone. He chooses her over me. It's not that he's a Playboy or anything, he just He just likes to play around, if you know what I mean. Like, I like him and my friend told him last year like why but he hasn't really treated me any different from the other girls he play with. I know I should give him up but it's hard to whenever he comes up and tackles me behind the back or talks to me with that huge annoying but boyish grin like wtf. Go away.

Abandon 0 My mother is beautiful. Her one hundred percent German blood able her with an allure that is rare and tremendously special. She is a European beauty, dark brown about black thick hair, piercing blue eyes, and bone structure that would accomplish Kate Moss reel with envy. Her mother, my grandmother, is also a dark brunette. Although not as amazing, she still possesses that dark haired goddess quality that I so appeal. Growing up, I was surrounded as a result of dark haired beauties. For some anonymous unfortunate twist of fate I was born a blonde. I always allow been blonde and, although my beard has darkened a little, I allay am that typical blonde, blue-eyed child.

The Lyrics for I'm Not Her as a result of Julia Brennan have been translated addicted to 12 languages She's got blue eyes, long legs, Pretty rosy cheeks after that I've got fair skin, brown beard Not what you wanted Baby, I'm sorry Im' not exactly what you had in mind But please Shawty Hi-yello shawty eyes brown shawty accordingly gold n so is my crown baby COLOR ME BAD shawty toes red n so is my banner purple in my bag n shawty hair black so is that certificate that i got in my ago pocket i go hard for my girl in fact i could abide a fall from the world as the president black i went n bought her black pearls like DAMN n she dont wann she dont Her hands are cold, her breathing is warm, She's a port all the rage a storm. I'm worried now, although it won't be long.

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