A style guide to dressing up without heels

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We know high heels aren't the greatest for our bodies. Too high a heel can cause problems to toes, ankles, knees, hips and back, as well as pinch nerves. And they can be really painful to walk in. But that doesn't stop women and men from strapping themselves into towering, tottering trotters for a cocktail party, wedding or fancy do. Love them or hate them, high heeled shoes are often expected as a must have for a woman. Here are some tips from Australian fashion bloggers and Instagrammers on how they dress up without height in their heels. If you have to dress neatly for work, chances are you feel pressure to wear high heels of some kind. A lot of office workers wear sneakers while commuting to the office, then change into their heels when they sit down at their desk to save their feet. But if you want or need to avoid high heels altogether, Cheryl Lin from Business Chic has some tips for office-style flat footwear.

Appointment night is truly the highlight of my week. Picking out a adorable outfit is fun, but choosing a pair of date-night heels is my favorite part of the getting-ready administer. They instantly elevate any look Acquire it, elevate? Because they give you height? I personally love wearing a lower heel so I can consume more time enjoying my date after that less time in pain. Even better?

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