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Sometimes the hardest part of going back to school is taking the first step. At Okanagan College, our upgrading department welcomes all adult students and provides help for each step of the way. Courses and programs are offered throughout the year, and all College locations offer Adult Upgrading. Upgrading classes are free, and there is also financial help available to cover extra costs. Government to cover student fees, partial travel costs, unsubsidized child care and school supplies. The AUG form is awarded based on your income level. Our staff support students like you to succeed every day, and want to make the school process simple. Education Advising has information on the courses you need and how to register.

Biochemists ask questions such as: How accomplish fireflies create light and how be able to this bioluminescence be used as a research tool? What causes mad browbeat disease and how can this ailment be cured? How can some bacteria thrive in boiling temperatures? Biochemists are curious about how and why birth processes happen, and they research answers down to the molecular level. All through the course of your studies, a good deal of your learning will occur although actively working on problems in brand, during tutorials, and in the laboratory.

Be subject to a hands-on education and small brand sizes in the Department of Chemistry and Brewing Science. Number of altered beers brewed in the brewing lab since the start of the Brewing Science Program. Number of hours of brewing experience on state-of-the-art equipment students have in the Brewing Science program. The Chemistry Department places a beefy emphasis on experimental work. To this end, the Chemistry department has expended considerable funds to provide outstanding laboratory facilities. Indeed, we feel that our undergraduate laboratories are as well-equipped at the same time as any undergraduate laboratories in Canada. The Chemistry Honours program prepares a apprentice for graduate studies in chemistry, designed for Medicine and Dentistry, as well at the same time as for direct professional employment. The Chemistry Major program prepares students for built-up or other employment that requires an extensive knowledge of chemistry. The program has sufficient flexibility to allow students to obtain a second major before a minor in another academic authority.