“Oh So You’re Straight Now?” Biphobia In The Lesbian Community

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Ina study published in the journal Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Assortment suggested that lesbians and gay men see bisexual women as more attracted to men. I understand that lesbians, for example, might look at bi people and think ultimately, you be able to go and marry a man after that have, like, a 'normal life' although we have to understand that bisexual people are not the enemy. She thought, on balance, that enough age had passed for it not en route for be awkward. Stevie is one of six bisexual women and non-binary ancestor who want to talk about the sometime complex and often tense affiliation between bi women and lesbians. All of the six is keen en route for impress on me that they don't believe all or even the adult year of lesbians are biphobic, and they are wary of in any approach tarring an already marginalized community. Twenty-seven-year-old Marina's first experience of biphobia was at the age of 14 after they came out to their lesbian friends on social media. For a long time I felt deflated, after that like they were more legitimately astonishing than me. One time, Marina dated someone they were too scared en route for tell they were bisexual. I actually liked her, and I just brushed it aside and tried to acquire on with it.