Best Switch exclusives to make sure you have in your library

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They're the games that can only be experienced on the Switch, and what's great about that is that it's incredibly rare for any Nintendo exclusive to ever make their way to other platforms, as can be the case with other console exclusives. The variety of games available on this little hybrid, either via the eShop or on good ol' fashioned cart is pretty staggering, between Nintendo's own titles. But when it comes to the best Nintendo Switch exclusives, there are some real must-plays here. They're also a huge part of the appeal of this unlikely crossover, which sees them jumbled together with Mario and friends. At a glance, nothing about this should work, from the characters co-habiting to the turn-based strategy genre it presents. Yet thanks to some clever scripting turning a handful of Rabbids into genuinely hilarious parodies of the familiar Nintendo crew, robust tactical gameplay demanding precision consideration of each battle, and character development that provides some truly original battlefield skills, Kingdom Battle emerges as one of the best games on Switch. Its papercraft, recycled world always looks handmade, with all the enemies getting involved in its DIY project aesthetic.

It's the series that cemented the console's gaming credentials, and for that aim Halo: The Master Chief Collection is pretty damn near essential. Not barely does it include Halo 1 , Halo 2 , Halo 3 after that Halo 4 , but also optionally remasters the earlier games so you can enjoy them as they were originally created, or in a spruced up high fidelity version. There's constant multiplayer although that had a difficult start and, a few years along the line, isn't as busy at the same time as it used to be. No, the main draw here is the ability to play through four of the Xbox's most formative games in their best possible versions - the ahead of schedule games are remade with improved graphics, there are frame rate boosts, re-done hi-res cutscenes and more.

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