Here’s What Having a “Normal” Sex Drive Really Means

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How women value sex as they age, and why low-libido treatments are not available, were among the themes explored at the annual menopause meeting. In the last few years there has been more research around sexual function during the menopause transition in areas such as low libido or pain during intercourse, but very little specifically focused on how important sex is to women during this time, says Holly N. Visits included interviews, questionnaires, blood draws, and biometric measures such as body mass index BMIblood pressure levels, hormone levelsand depression symptoms. Women were asked to rate how important sex was to them with the choices of not at all, not very, moderately, quite, or extremely. Rather than look at averages of the women over time, investigators looked at trajectories within the cohort. For the largest group, about 45 percent of the women, sex did become less important to them as they went through their forties and fifties and early sixties, says Thomas. For 27 percent of the women, sex remained highly important to them throughout midlife, and for 28 percent of the women sex was not very important to them throughout the whole duration of midlife, from forties to sixties. In general, women who have a good sex life before menopause have a good sex life after menopause, she says. Faught presented on sexual health, libido, and testosterone at the NAMS conference.

Although a high libido is often careful healthy, sometimes you might wonder why your sex drive seems higher than normal or has suddenly increased. At this juncture are six reasons why your femininity drive may feel unusually high:. The sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels can vary during your days — but also within the avenue of a day — affecting your sex drive along with them. Designed for women, estrogen levels rise before after that during ovulation , causing an add to in sex drive. Meanwhile, high testosterone levels in men have been concurrent to higher libido. High levels of testosterone are common in younger men and athletes using steroids.

Aim out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Even if sexuality remains an important component of emotional and physical intimacy that a good number men and women desire to be subject to throughout their lives, sexual dysfunction all the rage women is a problem that is not well studied. Increasing recognition of this common problem and future delve into in this field may alter perceptions about sexuality, dismiss taboo and erroneous thoughts on sexual dysfunction, and ember better management for patients, allowing them to live more enjoyable lives.

Libido refers to sexual desire, or the emotion and mental energy related en route for sex. According to the Mayo Clinica high libido potentially becomes a badly behave when it results in sexual action that feels out of control, such as sexual compulsion. Everybody has their own standard libido. If your femininity drive starts interfering with your attribute of life, speak to a clinic or other healthcare provider. You be able to also speak to a mental fitness therapist who specializes in human sexuality. Still, your frequency can interfere along with you living a full, healthy….