I’ve Realized I Miss Well-Endowed Men. My Husband Is Decidedly Not One.

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We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. In fact, it can actually make you a better lover, according to a new book called Love Worth making by American based sex and relationship therapist Stephen Snyder, men with smaller penises can actually be better lovers than their well-endowed brothers. Focusing on foreplay rather than the act itself is far more likely to lead to orgasm and in turn your partner being satisfied, or so the theory goes. However, for a select group of men, this understandably comes as little comfort. Surgerythen, might be the only option. Bawdy promises were the stuff of pitiful jokes and sleazy scams.

I am a submissive person, and would like to find one awesome younger man to serve and please at any time he needs something. You should be sexually selfish, not shy, and but a good hunk, too. My archetype hunk would be someone who s late at night when he's drunk so that he can use me. I'm NOT looking for a affiliation, just something sexually ongoing.

Chris Clinton Chris Clinton To sate your curiosity and maybe give you constant bigger complexes, sorry about that , I reached out to real women. The question: What goes through your head when you see a man's penis for the first time? Designed for me, width is way more central than length. Even if he's got a short penis, if he's actually thick, I get really excited a propos sleeping with him.