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The romantic and legendary Pink Palace, built in is the landmark hotel on Waikiki Beach. Here, amidst serene gardens behind the coral-colored facade, you can still find the special ambiance of old Hawaii and its gracious island hospitality. The Royal Hawaiian has beautifully appointed rooms, located in either the elegant Historic Building or the modern Tower Wing. Tree Museum: Dave Donelly, reporter for Honolulu's Star-Bulletin, informs us that: 'Big Yellow Taxi', by the way, was written about Hawaii and the tree museum she sang about where they charged you to see the trees was Foster Botanical Garden New fees to see the trees? Because of DDT's effects on birds, the chemical has not been used in the United States sinceand can no longer be used except in cases of public health emergency. At the time Joni wrote this lyricthe continued use of DDT was quite controversial. DDT is still used in several other areas of the world. Joni introduced the song this way on November 29, Two weekends ago I went to Hawaii.

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