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Published 9 years ago Chapter 1 I was the first in my ancestor to go to college and it was something that I had hunt ever since I was a a small amount girl. My family didn't have a lot of money, so I worked during each summer, scrimping and cutback for the fall and my arrival to school. It was summer after that I was between my sophomore after that junior years, now passing the central point in my college life after that I was again working at a nearby resort as I had the year before. My duties did adapt some but I mostly clerked after the desk or worked as a concierge. The clientele was pretty affluent, the resort was a nice individual, not one of the run-down, dodgy ones that you can find, although nice if not super-posh. We did have a few regulars, one was a man who worked in the defense industry, there was an Armed force research and development center near at this juncture, and he used our resort at the same time as his hotel when he visited them which was pretty regularly. Mister Weber, Martin Weber, would come for four or five days every three, perhaps four weeks to meet with a choice of people at the military complex arrange business. Most of our other guests came on vacations and bought golf or tennis packages.

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