REAL TALK: Why I am single and waiting for a true partner in crime. : Not real crime

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Because my work life is so public as media, hosting, social and events, this makes me even more protective of my personal life. And with my schedule its easier to not date than to date. AM I afraid of commitment? Etc etc. Okay so I guess this will be a tad vulnerable for me but in hopes that other women and men who are entrepreneurs or any demanding and busy af workplace and feel the pressures to pair up with someone.

I know I am. We are digging into two major questions that appear my way all the time about being single and finding love. They are super juicy, so read on! I am single and this summer, I was invited to tons of weddings. I feel successful in all other area of my life, apart from for my love life, and I feel so pressured by my parents to meet someone. How can I get through these weddings and essentially have fun? Ultimately, what you basic to understand is what you avoid persists, meaning that when you are beating yourself up, you are creating more lack of love in your life. To get fully present agency that you are literally in the NOW, not dragging past thoughts addicted to the present or future-tripping. So, after you are at weddings this summer, make a conscious choice to air for and recognize the love about you and in your life: your friends, family, siblings, co-workers, pets,etc.

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