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A young, hip, sexy novel that takes readers behind the velvet rope of the glamorous and shady entertainment industry Nothing prepares Tyler Blake for the fast-paced living of New York City. A small-town girl from Georgia, she quickly gets caught up in the glamorous entertainment industry. While pursuing her dream of becoming an actress, Tyler continually gets sidetracked by men who promise to help her and finds herself going from one dysfunctional relationship to another. Just when Tyler finally believes she has found her ideal man, in hip-hop producer Brian McCall, everything begins to go horribly wrong. Trapped in a nightmarish relationship, Tyler is determined not to go down without a fight. Not only was this a riveting, sexy tale, but there were many lessons to be learned, page after page. The saddest thing about Dirty Little Secrets was that it had to end. Honest and real. Later that night, I was at it again, partying with the hip and stylish, taking note that I simply had to invest in a New York-chic wardrobe.

A moment ago, I made a post asking ancestor if they had ever been all the rage a secret relationship, meaning had they dated someone who never introduced them to their friends or family members for a long period of age. Surprisingly, many people admitted that they had indeed faced that kind of scenario. One woman said that she had been with a man designed for ten years who never admitted it to anyone because of her authority. She eventually came to her senses but she will never get so as to decade back. Sometimes it has naught to do with looks but alarm of commitment, running games, and — of course — being married after that not being upfront about it. I can never comprehend why anyone would subject himself or herself to such a thing. In an upcoming book, one of my characters allows a man to only meet her all the rage the middle of the night all the rage a greasy diner at a articulated vehicle stop. Now common sense should allow told her that he was trying to hide the fact that he was seeing her.