‘I Was Terrified:’ Woman Recalls Stranger Following Her Car For Miles

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It is not easy seeing someone trying to survive on the streets of the city, and our reactions can range from pity, to anger, to choosing not to see the person at all. The question of how to help a homeless person on the streets is not always an easy one, and while some general answers are outlined below, the best place to start is by remembering the humanity of each man or woman you see in a public place. Treat each and every person with dignity — but also follow your own instincts. And remember that small acts of kindness can have tremendously positive repercussions in the lives of others. What Should I Do If…. Unless you feel that the situation is unsafe, ask the person if he or she needs assistance and has visited the Coalition or any other organization that helps homeless people. Unless you feel unsafe doing so, ask if the person is ok, has someplace to go and needs help. Some homeless people have had bad experiences in the shelter system and are afraid, or prefer not, to return.

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