The 50 best drinking songs

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What better way to do that than by playing drinking games? You put a large glass of beer in the middle and surround it with smaller glasses of beer, one for each person. Last person with the glass on her head drinks the giant center glass. Trust me: late game, this always happens. Full disclosure: I am an alcoholic. The person with the most fingers pointed toward them takes a drink. Repeat and enjoy. Tends to get more creative as the game goes on. Arrogance One fun game I play at the bar is called Arrogance.

Accept at Hey Bud Skincare So, why is it so dangerous? Bypassing your digestive system can be deadly. The body has a rather good apparatus for keeping you from ingesting also much alcohol—your liver filters out the worst toxins, and the whole approach shorts out and makes you puke before it's too late. If you put alcohol directly into your bloodstream, there is no way to puke that out. As a result, the body is extremely susceptible to blood-alcohol poisoning. This requires a trip en route for the hospital, at the very slight, and you might not survive by all. This list of insane investigational ingestion methods is presented in down order, starting with casually stupid, arrange down into the outright horrifying. Accede to the cautionary tales begin. Snorting Always looked at a shot of vodka and thought, I wish I could snort that?

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