5 Signs an Open Relationship Could Be Right for You : and 3 That It’s Probably Not

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That definitely doesn't always mean that you want to act on those urges—that might seem like a bad idea for a variety of reasons. But in some cases and for some people, acting on these thoughts with the blessing of their partner is a really attractive idea. Enter: non-monogamy. Fortunately for people who are interested in pursuing something like this, relationship models beyond monogamy are rising in mainstream visibility, which is where open relationships can come in. However, there are various tip-offs that can indicate if your relationship would thrive or crumble after opening it up. To help you figure out where you fall, we reached out to experts in ethical non-monogamy as in being non-monogamous without being an asshole.

Around is no place where egos are more fragile than in the bedroom. Sex makes one vulnerable. Both genders worry about how they will achieve, especially early in relationships and, a good number intensely, during a sexual venture along with someone new. Men and women fanatical with their body image are apprehensive about what a lover will assume of their physique. The physical bring to light in the act of sex is twinned with a less tangible baring of emotion.