Variability hypothesis

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We discuss women and sex with Emily Nagoski, who, when she teaches a course on sexuality at Smith College, asks her students what the most important thing they learned in the class was. The majority of them have the revelation, I'm normal! This begs the question, how did so many women come to feel that their anatomy, their sex lives and everything in between were abnormal? Emily Nagoskidirector of wellness education at Smith College.

The variability hypothesis , also known at the same time as the greater male variability hypothesis , states that males display greater changeability in traits than females do. It has often been discussed in family member to cognitive ability , where it has been observed that human males are more likely than females en route for have either very high or actual low intelligence. The sex-difference in the variability of intelligence has been discussed since at least Charles Darwin. It is not only found in humans but in other sexually dimorphic class as well. The notion of better male variability — at least all the rage respect to physical characteristics — be able to be traced back to the writings of Charles Darwin. When he expounded his theory of sexual selection all the rage The Descent of Man and Assortment in Relation to Sex , Darwin noted that in many species, as well as humans, males tended to show better variation than females in sexually certain traits:.

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