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Celebrated in some northern cities, Durbar marks the end of Ramadan. This visual extravaganza is celebrated by thousands of peoples, mainly from the Hausa-Fulani ethnic groups, in multiple cities at the end of Ramadan. Followed by a parade that takes place in the city of Kano at the Emir's Palace, it's become a longstanding tourist attraction. The Emir's sons, noblemen and regiments show their loyalty by trooping past on horses, accompanied by musicians. Each royal household has its own unique costume, made up of billowing robes and turbans that glitter in every color under the sun. Wearing black leather gloves, the princes raise a power fist as they bounce past the Emir. Being polygamous, the Emirs have literally dozens of sons and every one of them takes part, from the middle-aged to the toddlers. Counting them all is part of the fun. Optimism Street celebrations in the northern city of Kano.

The experience of vampirism is purely biased. So What is an Emotional Vampire? An emotional vampire is someone who consciously or unconsciously evokes emotions all the rage others specifically to feed on the triggered emotional energy. Related terms add in energy vampires, psychic vampires, psychopaths, sociopaths, witches, warlocks, and archons. Psychologist Judith Orloff used the term emotional vampires in her book Emotional Freedom audiobook. The problem I see with her commentary is that it leads you to believe that some people are emotional vampires while others are not.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic long-lasting condition so as to causes pain in a person's muscles, joints, and other soft tissues. The pain is widespread — meaning the person feels pain all over their body. People with fibromyalgia pronounced: fy-bro-my-AL-ja also might get headaches a allocation, feel tired, and have trouble asleep. If you have fibromyalgia, you're not alone. It affects millions of ancestor in the United States. Even all the same fibromyalgia is a chronic condition, symptoms don't always stay the same. At time the pain or tired feeling be able to be mild.