40 Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive After 40

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Believe it or not, there are so many things that can impact your sex drive. Of course, sex drives vary not only from person to person but based on so many factors, from the medications you take to how you feel about your body and your mental health. Here are 12 totally shocking things you had no idea can help boost your sex drive. Watching a scary flick is pretty divisive — most people either love to be scared or totally hate the feeling. But watching horror movies, with their jump scares and that telltale terrifying music, is a surefire way to get your adrenaline pumping, which can quickly boost libidoaccording to Inverse.

A good number Americans are besieged by stress, act and myriad opportunities for instant delight — none of which lend themselves to long, leisurely hours of lovemaking. Remember the freedom we felt all the rage our late teens and early 20s? A healthy libido has huge implications, both on a physical level it helps decrease blood pressure, support a healthier immune system, increase dopamine levels, etc. Cultivating a healthy sex ambition — just like following a healthful diet or a strenuous workout — takes some focused effort.

Altogether products featured on Vogue are alone selected by our editors. However, after you buy something through our go links, we may earn an associate commission. After screen time soared after that sexual activity took a hit all through lockdown, it's a good reminder so as to nurturing your libido and finding amusement solo or with a partner is a powerful form of self-care. Not to mention, it can be a measure of overall health and wellness. Taz Bhatia, integrative wellness physician after that host of the Super Woman Wellness podcast.