How to Use a Pocket Pussy - Step by Step Instructions

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September 10, Mayla Green. Is there really a best way to use a pocket pussy? It seems so self explanatory. Insert dick, thrust, cum, clean, done. The reality is that there are many tips on how to use a pocket pussy to make your experience more enjoyable, more realistic and comfortable. What is a pocket pussy?

Sperm gets ejected from the penis, enters the vagina, and swims up the reproductive tract until they reach the egg to fertilize it. Barely years ago, it was considered a chief scientific breakthrough when scientists came ahead with the idea that a abundant formed, tiny human inhabited the advance of each sperm — totally debunked and untrue. Fortunately, as the being body has evolved over thousands of years to maximize fertility potential, accordingly has our scientific understanding about sperm. But many of us still accept as true some pretty unscientific, long-standing sperm myths.

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