The Real Reasons Guys Love Doggy Style So Much

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A lot of people love doggy style. It's fun because it stimulates so many areas and also feels a little bit extra naughty. But it's also not the most elegant of sex positions and it leads to a whole lot of stuff going on in our brain. That's why I always remind men to make sure they make a women feel connected to them in this position in small ways, says sexpert, Scott Brown. So what ARE men thinking during doggy style? We did a bit of research to get to the bottom no pun intended!

Allow you ever wondered what doggy adapt feels like for men? You can already know that doggy style is one of the best sex positions for deeper penetration , and but you're working toward a climax, you've got the best chance at reaching a G-Spot orgasm if you're accomplishment it like they do on the Discovery Channel. Not to mention, but you're having sex in public, accomplishment it from behind gives you at ease access and allows for a abrupt getaway once things are done. After you're on the receiving end of doggy style , watching your partner's reaction can ends up leaving you with a stiff neck.

It's no secret that guys always absence to do it doggy style. Allow you ever had sex with a guy? He's probably either flipped you over, asked you to flip above, or awkwardly attempted to flip you over while you try to mange your limbs. But why? Why accomplish guys feel so compelled to attempt through all that when vanilla disciple is perfectly serviceable?

Assume about it: Lots of other positions lead to complicated questions of can you repeat that? to do with your legs after that arms. Missionary requires him to bolster himself up. But doggy style is straightforward. He gets on his knees, holds on to your hips, after that goes at it. Or when he stops to itch his ear.