Neuroscience confirms that to be truly happy you will always need something more

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Everywhere you look nowadays, you'll read about the value of emotional intelligence, and how you need to sharpen your EQ. Below, you'll find 33 quotes from the book that help you understand what emotional intelligence is, why it's so necessary, and how you can build yours. Since most of the emotions you experience occur almost instinctively, you can't control how you feel in any given moment. But you can control how you react to those feelings--by focusing on your thoughts. By acknowledging, accepting, and working through your feelings, you can learn to turn emotional into emotionally intelligent. We might imagine each of our relationships as a bridge we build between us and another person. Any strong bridge must be built on a solid foundation--and for relationships, that foundation is trust. Without trust, there can be no love, no friendship, no lasting connection between people. But where there is trust, there is motivation to act.

En route for desire is to be in a particular state of mind. It is a state of mind familiar en route for everyone who has ever wanted en route for drink water or desired to appreciate what has happened to an aged friend, but its familiarity does not make it easy to give a theory of desire. Controversy immediately breaks out when asking whether wanting dampen and desiring knowledge are, at base, the same state of mind at the same time as others that seem somewhat similar: wishing never to have been born, preferring mangoes to peaches, craving gin, having world conquest as one's goal, having a purpose in sneaking out en route for the shed, or being inclined en route for provoke just for the sake of provocation. In spite of the disputes, it is nonetheless possible to acquire a fix on desire itself.

These are the core obsessions that ambition our newsroom—defining topics of seismic consequence to the global economy. If you were to judge by LinkedIn resumes alone, you might be impressed as a result of prestigious job titles and accolades. Although in person, the importance of these formal achievements quickly fades away. Anyhow of career success, there can be something very dispiriting, almost lifeless, a propos someone who moves without strife all the way through the ranks of their law business. In fact, neuroscience shows that the act of seeking itself, rather than the goals we realize, is answer to satisfaction.