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Pinterest There's a lot of conflicting information out there about what healthy eating is and how it can and should fit into our lives. As a health resource, it's our responsibility at SELF to deliver trustworthy nutrition advice that's actually helpful—and we take that responsibility seriously. To that end, we're constantly turning to registered dietitians for nutrition advice that's not only doable and useful, but also inclusive and realistic. As part of this year's Healthy Food Awardswe've put together this list of trustworthy registered dietitians who you should follow for the kind of information, advice, discussion, and recipe inspiration we strive to provide at SELF. Many of the dietitians below practice intuitive eating and aim to help their clients and audiences break free of diet culture. The 17 dietitians featured come from a variety of different backgrounds, because we also feel it's important that everyone be able to see themselves represented in wellness culture, and because there's a real lack of culturally inclusive nutrition advice out there. Wendy Lopez, M.

Why attractive and trustworthy Airbnb hosts be able to charge more Feature 15 April Sam Kirshner Senior Lecturer, School of In a row Systems and Technology Management Airbnb hosts who appear to be more alluring and trustworthy charge up to 5 per cent more than their peers for similar listings, UNSW Business Discipline research has found A recent analyse has found that attractive and trustworthy-looking Airbnb profile pictures end up attracting more guests and, as a answer, hosts charge up to 5 apiece cent more per night than their peers for very similar apartments. Airbnb is the largest accommodation provider, cassette more than 6 million listings after that million users in However, this was just over half its absolute income compared to the previous day, likely due to the COVID pandemic-induced border closures and travel disruptions. Designed for online peer-to-peer markets such as Airbnb, where buyers and sellers interact absolutely, first impressions are critical. So but you're an Airbnb host, the delve into suggests you might benefit from a makeover and investing in quality headshots before updating your apartment and catalogue images. Why do Airbnb hosts' appearances matter?

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After the information they're looking for relates to menstruation — still an all-too-common taboo, despite its natural, monthly amount for 1. Enter Oky: the at the outset period tracking app co-created with girls, for girls. Oky provides girls along with information about their periods in amusement, creative and positive ways, delivered above-board into their hands through the tools they use every day — cell phone phones. Alexandra Tyers User testing Oky with girls in Mongolia. Designing Oky with and for girls, and all the time keeping their needs front and axis, is central. Through extensive user-centered aim, co-creation sessions, and remote and in-person user testing, UNICEF worked with above girls in Indonesia and Mongolia — two of the most diverse countries in the region — to arrange deep insights into the wants after that needs of adolescent girls and their online and offline lives. In a region where girls typically share phones with family members or with friends, and where data privacy risks are often gendered, data security is analytical. The app is digitally inclusive, plateful bridge digital gender gaps in countries where girls report more restricted admission to technology and where network admission can be limited.

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