7 Ways To Turn A Regular Relationship Into A Soulmate-Level Relationship

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Do you believe in true love? Probably so: 94 percent of Americans say they do, according to one survey by the data-collection company Statista. I am one of them, after 30 years of marriage to my true love. But a large portion of Americans also hold some even more romantic—and less realistic—beliefs about love.

As a result of Kristine Fellizar Dec. If you accept as true in the idea of soulmates, it's the kind of connection you aim to have with a person. By the very basis of it altogether, soulmates are spiritual partners who be sell for out the best in each erstwhile, Cindi Sansone-Braff, relationship coach and biographer Grant Me a Higher Love , tells Bustle. When you meet your soulmate , your connection is allegedly unlike anything you've ever experienced ahead of. There's a special magic to it and a recognition factor, as but you've known each other all your lives. A soulmate relationship can additionally be intense and life-changing.

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We may earn commission from links arrange this page, but we only advise products we love. Some people accept as true you have just one, others accept as true you can have multiple soul mates romantic or not , and after that there are those who prefer the term twin flame —which is akin to a soul mate, but not exactly the same thing. Where ability thou, soul mate??? But the approach I see it, you do allow two options: You can sit ago, relax, and leave it up en route for fate, or you can be proactive and manifest that shit yourself. Accordingly because I, too, am extremely enthusiastic to find the LOML, I've consulted with some experts who have advised on how you can speed ahead the whole finding your soul assistant process. Below, your guide to prepping yourself to finding your soul mate: 1. Be yourself but actually.

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