20 Things True Friends Don't Do

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Kim Kardashian may have made the big butt the coolest accessory of the season, but with great power There's no denying that having a large behind comes with many problems. Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying a big butt is a curse, but there are some things only girls with a big booty can understand. A barstool is a nightmare for you. Every time you are hanging out in a club with your girlfriends, you wish they wouldn't head over the bar because your big booty just won't fit on those teeny tiny stools. From lacy underpants to dresses and even trousers, everything gives you a wedgie. Half of the time you visit the ladies room just to get rid of that wedgie! Trying to stay with the times and sport boyfriend fashion ends up in one of two ways: You look really, really big or like a homeless beggar child in charity clothes.

Men like big butts that come along with size zero waists, flat bellies after that a sexy clavicle. Big Butts are great, but now thanks to celebrities of the likes of Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian, thick thighs are considered sexy as well, with the Latina bod or slim thick body the preferred body type of the time. Between feet, thighs, and butts though — most women care add about the ass than the others. However, every woman wants some bend at the rear and when asked around, many women say they air sexy and great about themselves after their ass looks good. After altogether, big butts are great for a lot of reasons. You can bet your acme dollar that a girl has a great time checking her own ass out and probably flaunts it en route for herself way more than men. Who knew science would back this up? And then having a nice active butt is also a sign so as to the owner of said butt, evidently cares about her body and exercises to keep it looking its finest.

Having a girl as your best acquaintance is a fantastic thing to come about to any guy. They are ace fun and caring, they understand you better, and you get the finest dating advice ever. Not to allusion they bring along their cute lady friends too. But even the finest rosebush has thorns, and having a girl best friend can be a real pain in the ass at time. Those who've had girls as their best buds will relate to these 10 situations.