How Long Should You Wait to Date After a Breakup?

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Kelly Gonsalves is a sex educator, relationship coach, and journalist. She received her journalism degree from Northwestern University, and her writings on sex, relationships, identity, and wellness have appeared at The Cut, Vice, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and elsewhere. Like many relationship labels people use these days, the term casual dating often gets thrown around a little So let's get the facts straight here for a second. What exactly does it mean to be casually dating someone? Casual dating is a type of relationship between people who go on dates and spend time together in an ongoing way without the expectation of entering into a long-term, committed relationship. Casually dating someone usually means you like them enough to want to hang out with them regularly but are either not ready for a serious relationship or just don't want one, whether that's in general or just with this person in particular. People might be casually dating each other exclusively, meaning they are not dating other people, though usually the term casual dating implies that it isn't exclusive.

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After it comes to post-breakup dating, around are two main philosophies: One is that, if you date right afterwards a breakup, you're rebounding, which is unhealthy. Then there's the whole aim that the best way to acquire over someone is to get below someone else. How long should you really wait to date after a breakup? Paulette Kouffman Sherman, Psy. But you dated someone for a day or more, you may need three to four months.

My boyfriend and I didn't necessarily catch up the first time we met, but we were definitely hooking ahead for a long time before we decided that we were officially dating. In fact, I'd say there was about three months of ambiguous, approximate, WTF-is-this territory before we even discussed becoming exclusive. And I don't assume our story is unique, either. All the rage this day and age, lots of relationships start off as hookups, although knowing how to turn a connect into a relationship is where things can get tricky. Relationship and custom expert April Masini said the finest way to start is by having an honest conversation where you amateur it all out on the table: your expectations, feelings, and views arrange important topics like exclusivity. Wondering how other people have taken their situationship or FWB all the way as of hookup to relationship?