Vocabulary from Louis Sachar's Holes

Looking for a little 36832

He wore glasses, but they were so dirty that Stanley wondered how he could see out of them. X-Ray seems friendly and welcoming. The shovels were kept in a shed near the showers. They all looked the same to Stanley, although X-Ray had his own special shovel, which no one else was allowed to use. X-Ray claimed it was shorter than the others, but if it was, it was only by a fraction of an inch. In this quote, the narrator describes how X-Ray has convinced the other boys of the superiority of one shovel over the others, and that only he can use that shovel.

Magnet: Maybe he found Zero. Maybe they're still alive. Squid: Maybe my mom'll stop drinkin' and my dad'll appear back. Twitch: Man when Caveman scarf that truck Twitch: Man when Caveman stole that truck. ZigZag: That was awesome.