Cuckold Dating: How to Choose Suitable Sites?

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Q: Dear Holly. Where can I find a man to have sex with my wife while I watch? I recommend using a cuckold dating site to find a man to watch having sex with your wife. Try CouplesDating. At these sites you will find other kinky individuals looking for a couple with your interests. It should be something you both want to explore.

I dated this guy about a day ago, and in many ways he was exactly the guy I was looking for. The main hitch was sexual. Our sex was good, although he had a fetish where he wanted me to sleep with erstwhile guys. He was also into threesomes or swapping with another couple. I experimented with all of that designed for a few months, and in a way I had fun with it, but I finally realized that this lifestyle is not for me. I want a more traditional, monogamous affiliation. I broke it off with him. We reconnected recently, and he wants to get back together.

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