10 Great Rap Songs About Money

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What she order, fish filet? Act like you'll ever be around mothafuckas like this again Bougie girl, grab my hand Fuck that bitch; she don't wanna dance Excuse my French, but I'm in France, I'm just sayin' Prince Williams ain't do it right if you ask me 'Cause I was him I would have married Kate and Ashley What's Gucci, my nigga? What's Louis, my killa? What's drugs, my dealer? What's that jacket, Margiela?

Cheep According to the Notorious B. As its inception, rap has always had money on its collective mind. After that those who do have it bidding brag about it—especially if they a minute ago got it. But what might activate like flaunting and taunting on the surface is also a celebration of a success against the odds. At this juncture are ten songs from then after that now that took talking about the power of the dollar to additional heights. Autobiographical verses from Raekwon the Chef and Inspectah Deck take us from their hardscrabble childhoods to ups and downs of a lucrative but fraught drug game—including violence and accomplishment locked up. Take heed. What transpires is a tale of seduction, disloyalty, and ultimately murder, all sparked as a result of greed. But on the track, he remembers the days when getting compensate involved breaking into houses for a quick come-up.

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